I got an extremely weird message from Discourse as it BLOCKED me

I’m putting this in images so the Discourse robots can’t mess with them again …

I think it nuts to let that robot out.

The Discourse message to me …

The offending post …

“Community” iMO should not be used this way,

You were flagged by another community member for having off topic posts. I’ve sent you a private message with details.

Ciao @boris, I am aware that I was flagged for writing a reply in Italian to an Italian. (Mi piace l’Italia. Mi piace l’italiano) That was once in a thousand.

WHY am I targeted?

What does that mean?

An explicit explicandum would help.

I’m not the one who flagged you and have no idea about who did but it seems to me that your post had been more appropriately tagged Cafe (or whatever that tag of ours is) and not Discussion because the latter really should, I believe, only be about TW or very closely related.


This is the explanation. A community member was bothered enough by seeing two posts from you that they were flagged as Spam. This was not a bot, it was another community member here. Flagged posts are queued for moderator review, as well as sending the message you can read.

I was the first moderator to see it, I reviewed it, didn’t think they were spam, but believe them to be off topic for the general Discussion topic, so I changed the category to Cafe and cleared the Spam flag.

You’re welcome to respond in the private message I sent you if you would like to continue the conversation privately.

Likely right. “To suffer yet, where to, that he resists his ministers on boundless spaces. Thus upon the Norway foam, he reiterated on dusky air the escapee would upon a mournful gloom forever dwell and funded him a scati.” (pseudo Milton therein)

I did want to reply to Saq but, as usual, I got bollockusd …

Two things: posting “meta” like this in a discussion thread is disruptive and off topic — so I moved it here.

Secondly — from what I can tell — you just asked the same thing again that you previously asked. If people feel like answering they will.