I built a Personal Digital Garden Website with TiddlyWiki on Node.js

Digital Garden URL - 🌱 学习者的数字花园 — 记录我的学习与思考

First of all, I’m very grateful to @jeremyruston and all people from TiddlyWiki Developers’ / SuperUsers’ Community. The process of building the website is like immersing myself in a Sandbox Game, just like playing Lego Blocks / Minecraft / Terraria. :star_struck:

Secondly, let me introduce my site a little.

This Digital Garden website is partially inspired by Andy Matuschak’s Personal Notes Website, and it’s almost impossible to mimic Andy’s website without the help of Krystal Horizontal Storyriver Plugin created by Roman Veselý. :pray:

Why did I built it? I built this Digital Garden website in order to practice “Learning in Public”, “Evergreen Notes Keeping”, which is proven to help shaping my personal Creative Writing habit. TiddlyWiki provided unimaginably powerful and flexible Micro-Managent tools & programming possiblities to collect / tag / group / browse / search / filter / present / share / migrate my notes. Now I never have to worry my ideas and short writings are scattered everywhere in different SNS apps (where I communicate with people from various fields and get inspired for further creative writing ideas). :relieved:

In the past, even I wanted to gather the scattered writing together, I don’t know where to store them. Now I manage all of them in my TiddlyWiki Digital Garden. Since TiddlyWiki is very handy, I always want to share the experience to other people (esp. Knowledge Workers who need to deal with a lot of short notes on a daily basis), so I’ve written many notes on TiddlyWiki Usage Experience / Tech Tooltips under TiddlyWiki Tag. :smiley:

Recently, I began to use Reveal.js Plugin by Devin Weaver @sukima to improve the presentation of my ideas. Hopefully I won’t need to send my KeyNote / Powerpoint slides files to the audience after a public presentation, I will send them some my Digital Garden links (e.g. Fun of PKM for Non-Tech People). :sunglasses:

A Final Note: This website is primarily targeted at Chinese readers, so if you are interested in the content but not familiar with Chinese Text, you could consider using Chrome / Edge Browser’s built-in English > Chinese translation to read them. :blush:


Great job! Well done! And thank you for sharing this beautiful digital garden with the community!

Please add the showcase tag to this post.

Side note:It would be great if an empty version can be shared for others who like to use your edition. Of course if you want to allow others use your edition.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I’ve added the #showcase Tag to my post. and I will consider how to create an empty version of my site. :handshake:

Currently I’m not sure which subset of customization should be kept in the empty version. Hopefully when I receive enough feedbacks from my reader / visitors, This would no longer a problem. :blush:

I see some philosophical content there – even though I can only glimpse it through bits of English plus a few familiar (via Japanese) characters. Looks very developed and sophisticated!

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While loading the page link, my anti-virus software gave me 3 threat warnings and stopped loading the site. These addresses are blacklisted URLS:



Can anyone smarter than me figure out what’s up?
Something to worry about? False-positive?

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I’m not sure why this could happen. It’s my image file storage service (commercial Object Storage Service which provide permanent URLs of images with HTTPS). I apply for free domain-specific HTTPS certificate periodically to make sure modern Web Browser don’t complain about unsecure image URLs. :thinking:

Thanks for reading and giving feedbacks~ I do like thinking philosophically and sharing some of them online. You can open ⓘinfo button to see the title of my tiddlers, they are in plain English, acting primarily as Title Slug (for Search Engine Optimization purpose), but also for English readers who want to quickly grasp what a tiddler trying to say. :smiley:

Hi @pimgeek thank you for sharing, your work is clearly inspiring others, which is marvellous.

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