HowTo Compare the Content of a Shadow Tiddler With the Content of an Overwritten Shadow

At Tiddlers with JS-prototype tiddlers - #4 by Scott_Sauyet Scott asks this question after a very compelling story. Check the link and read it :slight_smile:

Every plugin creates shadow tiddlers at wiki startup. Users can overwrite those shadows so they become normal tiddlers.

Check for Overwritten Shadows

There is a filter, that is used in the $:/ControlPanel → Basics → Number of overridden shadow tiddlers if you click the “Search Icon”

  • Show all overwritten shadow tiddlers … [is[tiddler]is[shadow]sort[title]]

That’s the first step to see, which shadows have been overwritten. For the rest of this post I’ll overwrite the readme tiddler of the internals-plugin

As you can see, there is a blue message box now, that tells us that this tiddler is overwritten.

The AdvancedSearch → Filter tab also shows it if you use [is[tiddler]is[shadow]sort[title]]

Check Where the Overwritten Shadow Comes From

Since the blue box from the first screenshot tells us from which plugin the shadow comes from, there must be a filter, that let’s us find this info.

There could be several plugins, which define shadow tiddlers with the same name. That should not happen, but it could be. The filter used to find out where $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals/readme comes from is:

List Plugin Sub-Tiddlers

So now we know where a shadow tiddler comes from we can list all the shadows it contains.

Get the Fields of a Plugin Subtiddler (aka Shadow)

The very first screenshot shows us, that the Internals Plugin also is a tiddler named: $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals

This tiddler contains so called “subtiddlers”. There is a filter, that allows us to see the fields of every subtiddler in a plugin-tiddler.

Widgets That Know About Subtiddlers

So now we know everything about our shadow tiddler. So we only need options now to read those fields.
There are 3 widgets which know how to read “subtiddler” info.

  • TranscludeWidget
  • ViewWidget
  • SetWidget

Let’s transclude the Shadow Text

<$transclude tiddler="$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals" subtiddler="$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals/readme" mode=block />

As you can see it contains the “shadow text”

Let’s transclude the Tiddler Text

<$transclude tiddler="$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals/readme" mode=block /> 

Now let’s check which fields are different

\define subtiddler() $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals/readme
\define plugin-tiddler() $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals

<$list filter="[<subtiddler>fields[]]" variable=field>
  <$set name=shadowContent tiddler=<<plugin-tiddler>> subtiddler=<<subtiddler>> field=<<field>> >
    <$let content={{{ [<subtiddler>get<field>] }}}>
      <<field>>:  -> {{{ [<shadowContent>match<content>then[no changes]else[changed]] }}} <br><br>
      <$diff-text source=<<shadowContent>> dest=<<content>> />
  • The first 2 lines define the plugin-tiddler and the subtiddler variables, so they can be used as variable references with the list widget. So it’s closer to a real world program
  • The list iterates over the tiddler-fields … not the shadow fields.
    • The <subtiddler> variable is a bit misleading. But I wanted to reuse it. See: fields-operator … .It can only show fields of a normal tiddler!
  • The set-widget reads the content of the subtiddler fields and assigns it to shadowContent
    • The set-widget is one of the widgets that know about subtiddlers in plugins
  • The let-widget reads the tiddler content and assigns it to content
  • The first body line displays the <<field>> and calculates a match between content and shadowContent
  • the diff-text-widget shows the differences

The following file contains the code snippets for the lazy folk :wink:

compare-shadow-with-overwritten-shadow.json (1.4 KB)

Have fun!


Thank you @pmario! This 'is extremely useful information. I’m bookmarking it for closer examination soon. I hope to be trying some of these techniques in two or three weeks.


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This doesn’t show removed fields.

This is what I use, it also has a convenient input field:

shadow-diff.json (1.2 KB)

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Thanks, @cskrisz, that looks quite useful! It also introduces me to the DiffTextWidget. I will be studying that for some work I want to do in a month or so.