How we could improve posting Issue and Feature Request to GitHub

I find GitHub not particularly friendly/inviting for non-techies.

It would be very cool if somebody could slap a friendly form as a layer on top of GitHub.

I’m a career I.T. guy, ever since laying my hands on a Commodore VIC-20 40 years ago. So I’ve dealt loads with technical. Although I’ve tried repeatedly over the last two years to get cozy with Github, I wind up running away from the thing every time. As again today. Bleurk.

I DID NOT START THIS THREAD. This thread of discussion cleaved by admin from another thread of discussion.

Agreed! Which is why @pmario suggested that posting them here – as is already beginning to happen – is totally fine.

Yeah. TiddlyTalk is not the friendliest option. Maybe if somebody could slap a friendly form as a layer on top of it…

Hihi, … Discourse is not TiddlyWiki. It’s not that easy to modify. At least not for newbies like us (me) :wink:

GitHub is built to deal with issues and pull requests. So users which are fine to use it, should use it, it saves a lot of work for devs. … Others should post here. It’s very likely, that we will pick it up.

It may be possible to create a new issue with an URL-query

But we didn’t test that yes. … It may be possible to create a form at to post an issue to GH.


Once the discussion continues, we need to stay at github, since we definitely can’t re-implement the GitHub interface in TW.

I did move these posts to a new thread, since they are “off topic” at the other one and I think, there is a possibility to improve the workflow.

So IMO it deserves it’s own thread.

Now we’re talking.

If I can create a Google Form, and contents of filled out form can go into a Google Sheet when user hits submit on that form, and that Google Sheet can automatically send me an email notification about the new form submission …

Surely something as equally friendly can be done with Github.

Then, if somebody has a question: email me. Because …

Why the eff would I want to participate in further discussions in Github? That’s a great place for technical folk to discuss, not a world any user should have to be pulled into.

Yes, I believe in coddling users.

If a user wants to go into Github, awesome. Otherwise, interview a user and communicate with that user via the simplest and friendliest of ways. Email to me, whatever for somebody else.

Right. Actually the “Discussions” in GitHub are more in the ballpark of “friendly” than “Pull Requests” or “Issues”. But not every developer there enables them; nor is it transparent how they differ. Just FYI, for my own issues, I have had a lot of success via “Discussions” both clarifying issues and interacting with a developer productively.

Side comment, TT

Yikes. Just to be clear: I wasn’t referring to people and their level of friendliness.

I’m just talking about the look/feel/nature of Github and, to a degree, the inter-mixing of technical talk (blackbox nuts and bolts) and end-user talk (user interface, functionality. end-user needs, problem identification, etc.).

I suppose I like a neat and tidy barrier between technical world and end-user world, with end-user world (info and those interested) oozing into the technical world for the technical magic to happen, but the technical world does not ooze back into the end-user world.

Process-wise, I’m thinking it would make sense for feature request collaboration to happen via a discussion in TiddlyTalk (I’d be settting up a related request form in Google Doc, with ability for request collaborators, end-user and technical, to comment right there, in the fine-tuning of the “Change Request” Google Doc).

For a substantial change request, I’d probably setup a change-request-specific portal, showing the change request, status of the work, etc. etc., all of which ending up, when the work is done, as comprehensive documentation about the requested feature.

Something like that …

Ciao Charlie. Neither was I. Merely that “Discussions” in GitHub have no entailment. Both “Issues” and “Pull Requests” require you know what you are doing. “Discussions” don’t and are more open.

Right. It is true GH is very is much a turn-off unless you into coding within it’s framework.

Just a comment