How to view the content of core macros?


Is it possible to view the content of Macros integrated in the core ?

In my case, I would like to view the content of the qualify macro :

It’s just for my personal knowledge !


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You can find all macros by searching shadow tiddlers from Advanced Search:

Thank you very much !

Have a closer look at the transclusion variable which is used by the qualify-macro and qualify-widget.

So depending on where the <<qualify macro is “transcluded” there will be a different hash. This allows us to use it to create eg: toggle buttons, that switch text from “open” to “close” and vice versa.

But instead of using very long $:/state/* names, the transclude-variable is converted to a unique hash by the internal .getStateQualifier(name) function, which the macro uses.

There are some more threads about qualify and it’s “uniqueness” here at Talk. See: Use variable="transclusion" in a list widget to get unique popups and a demo page for using many <<tag macros in 1 tiddler.

hope that makes sense.

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A small tip for searching for macros or procedures is to use the format
i.e to include the first parenthesis so to only locate the macro definition rather than all the uses of it.