How to trigger list after button click?


I use this code to search Tiddlers with title, and it works fine.

<$edit-text tiddler="txtKeyword" field="keyword"/>
<<list-links [search:title{txtKeyword!!keyword}] >>

The total number of my Tiddlers has reached 30,000. (in one file)

When typed charater will refresh list-link that freezes the browser 1-2 sec.

I want to add a button, the list-link filter will trigger after button click.

how to fix this code?

Add the field throttle.refresh to the tiddler txtKeyword.



Here’s an approach that allows you to type as much as you want without triggering a search until the “find” button is pressed:

<$edit-text tiddler="$:/temp/txtKeyword" field="keyword"/>
<$button>find<$action-setfield $tiddler="txtKeyword" keyword={{$:/temp/txtKeyword!!keyword}}/></$button>
<<list-links [search:title{txtKeyword!!keyword}] >>
  • As you type, the input is stored in $:/temp/txtKeyword!!keyword
  • When you press the “find” button, the temp input is copied to the tiddler field (txtKeyword!!keyword) that is actually used for searching.



Thanks, this works much faster. And the same with filters if all tiddlers are labeled1-2023-03-28_00.57.45

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@EricShulman This is very nice. Is it also possible to mimic the button press when I press enter?

To respond to the enter key, you can enclose the $edit-text widget within a $keyboard widget, like this:

\define go() <$action-setfield $tiddler="txtKeyword" keyword={{$:/temp/txtKeyword!!keyword}}/>

<$keyboard key="enter" actions=<<go>>>
   <$edit-text tiddler="$:/temp/txtKeyword" field="keyword"/>
<$button actions=<<go>>>find</$button>
<<list-links [search:title{txtKeyword!!keyword}] >>


  • Since you want the exact same actions to be performed via enter key or $button press, I put the $action-setfield within a macro (<<go>>).



Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be working – the button is working but Enter is not. Any ideas? I’m on a Mac, maybe that’s the reason? I’ve tried ctrl+enter as well.

Ah, I figured it out. It wasn’t working because the keyboard widget needs to wrap the input field and I wrapped the button instead.