How to style bullets in a nested unordered and ordered list

Check this tiddler and click on this viewtoollbar button image to change the styling of the bullets in unordered list and ordered lists.

This is an example of the stylesheet tiddler I am using. How to target the nested lists seperately to give them seperate styling.

Also there is some issue when I use this viewtoolbar button on more than one tiddlers at same time. The bullets change in all the opened tiddlers when I click on the viewtoolbar button of a single tiddler.

After some tinkering and google search, I was able to apply the styling to nested lists also.

But my filter in the stylesheet tiddler (example) needs to be more specific I guess to avoid changes getting updated in all tiddler when the viewtoolbar button is clicked on any of the tiddlers with lists. Can someone help?

If I understand your question, the problem is that the style is applied to all tiddlers that have bullet lists?

Normally, that is “the point” with CSS - it affects every occurring element. If you only want it for specific tiddlers you will need to specify this for the stylesheet. On you can search for the tiddlers with the prefix “Custom styles” to get ideas about how to control which tiddlers are affected.

Hope this helps.

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