How to make the dropdown from menubar plug-in persist instead of automatically closing on a single click

I was trying to use menubar plug in in my wiki and I have added a few menubar items as dropdown. But these dropdown will close if I click on a link within the dropdown. How to make these dropdown persist and close only if we click outside the dropdown. I don’t want all of my dropdowns to behave in this manner. Can this be done independently for each of the dropdowns ?
Here is my demo wiki link.


Add tc-popup-keep to the classes for the $reveal used to show the dropdown.


Yes, it can! Add a class field with value tc-popup-keep to each dropdown tiddler you want to persist. You can use this field to apply any class on a per-tiddler basis.


Thank you @EricShulman and @etardiff for your suggestions. I got it working. Demo is updated.