How to make template and macro tiddlers appear as unwikified text in view mode?

Tiddlers containing macro definitions and view template stuff mostly appear invisible when their tiddler is in view mode. I’d like to be able to see their content as plain unwikfied text, but still have them function correctly, (which rules out just setting their content type to text/plain).

So what’s the best way to do that for say tiddlers tagged with $:/tags/ViewTemplate or $:/tags/Macro?

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All the plugins documentation sites from @Mohammad have a button at the bottom of all tiddlers. The button is titled, “code”. Clicking on it shows the content.

You can perhaps reuse it.

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Give them a field called code-body with value yes.


Wow! :clap: Now I feel so stupid.

This is what I was talking about $:/plugins/kookma/utility/viewtemplates/reveal-code

Perfect! Thanks :smiley:

I think both usecases stand: code-only tiddlers with code-body field, and Mohammad’s reveal-code utility for other/composite tiddlers. I often want to see the code of a tiddler without entering edit mode, because then the wiki enters dirty state…

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