How to list last tiddlers created?

Hey guys!
I’m new to TiddlyWiki, and I’m also completely new to IT.
I started experimenting with TiddlyWiki as a tool for zettelkasten and second brain.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but would anyone know how I could reverse the order of the results from the TW indexers? I would like the last Tiddlers created to appear first, when I do a search or click on a tag, for example. Only the last created tiddlers, not the last modified ones. How do I see, whenever I search, a list of the last tiddlers created?

How to make a dynamic list that shows tiddlers organized in alphanumeric order, starting with the last one created?
Preferably allowing you to choose the first characters (of the tiddler titles) of the search.

Hello Miro!

It sounds like you would like to modify a few different aspects of TiddlyWiki.

To start, let’s look at making a variant of the “Recent” sidebar that focuses on the “created” field rather than “modified”:

Find this tiddler (using the advanced search, with “magnifying glass” icon):


And clone it (using the dropdown “more” menu in tiddler view toolbar):

Keep the content the same, but tell it you want the macrocall timeline-alt:

<div class="hang"><$macrocall $name="timeline-alt" format={{$:/language/RecentChanges/DateFormat}}/>

Of course, you don’t yet have this macro. But making it involves a really quick adjustment to the timeline macro. Clone this tidler: $:/core/macros/timeline

and in the cloned copy, give it a good title (could be $:/miro/macros/timeline-alt). Then look for this line:

\define timeline(limit:"100",format:"DDth MMM YYYY",subfilter:"",dateField:"modified")

and change it like so:

\define timeline-alt(limit:"100",format:"DDth MMM YYYY",subfilter:"",dateField:"created")

You’re just changing “timeline” to “timeline-alt” and change “modified” to “created”.

Also, look for the caption field (scroll to bottom of edit window) and give it whatever you want this menu to be called. “Newest” would make sense. It should be something short.

Now, if you’ve done all that, you should have a new menu in the sidebar.

Here’s a working model:

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I believe the tag ordering is the hardest to rework. TiddlyWiki creates the dropdown based on a complex set of rules, including

(a) presence of a list field for the tag (all those tiddlers listed there will appear in the order listed there)
(b) presence of a list-before or list-after field in some of the listed items (only when these are not explicitly given an order in the list field)
(c) alphabetical order (only for things not handled by either of the above).

You might be able to get the third condition to reorganize around date created, but overriding the first two would be a radical reworking of how tag dropdowns work in TiddlyWiki. Since these have some important purposes, it would be best not to overwrite them. (For example, when you look at things under the tag $:/tags/Stylesheet, their order in the tag pill determines the order of their application as css rules.)

On the other hand, there are various alternative tools developed by members of the community here, such as filter-pills (by @TW_Tones), that would easily do the kind of work you’re talking about.

For example, here’s a drop-down filter-pill that shows all tiddlers, in reverse order by created field. (Note I haven’t set up a visible date in the drop-down, but hovering on the tiddler reveals its date created, with the modification I made, just as proof-of-concept.)

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I would like to say that, after many hours of searching, I found a plugin that, so far, has satisfied me.

But, friend,
I am deeply grateful for your help.
I will save your information and do some tests, as I may need all of this in the future or soon.

Live long and prosper!

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For the benefit of other users reading this, it is good if you can name it, ideally also link to it :slight_smile:

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You are absolutely right!
I didn’t take the initiative because I had forgotten the name of the plugin and because I was, at that moment, overwhelmed.
It was good that you touched on the issue.
I just rediscovered the name of the tool: “FilterBuilder”, which is part of the “/xp/aggregation” plugin.
What it generated for now is enough for me, showing only the last tiddlers created with the initial characters of each category (this is how I started to organize myself, with a letter that marks a general category and a numerical sequence). Considering that I also use a specific tag for each of these categories, this has worked:

<$list filter="[all[tiddlers]tag[YOUR-CATEGORIAL-TAG]last[]]" variable=“listItem” emptyMessage="" storyview="">

In this organization mode, the tiddler’s title is also its ID, and it is necessary to know the last ID to be able to create the next one, preserving the sequence, whose purpose is to obtain an ID smaller than those in the YYYYMMDDHHmm style (year, month, day, hour , minute). Examples:

n0-kantian-morality (n = note; 0 = first digit of the sequence)
n1-dopamine-behavior (n = note; 1 = second digit in the sequence)

p0-article-ethics (p = project; 0 = first digit of the sequence)