How to hide the creator & timestamp fields on a Tiddler? And, how to display a custom "contributor" field instead?

Problem: Every Tiddler I create or modify has my name on it with a timestamp. I am simply entering in the entries I have received from other people, so I want the contributor’s name to be featured below the title instead.

How can I make that highlighted contributor field show instead of the modifier & timestamp fields?

Windows 10 Enterprise (19042.1826 20H2), Chrome (103.0.5060.134), TiddlyWiki 5.2.2

The display of the username and the modified timestamp is controlled by the $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/subtitle shadow tiddler. You can edit this tiddler to customize the output.

For your purposes, replace these two lines:

<$link to={{!!modifier}} />
<$view field="modified" format="date" template={{$:/language/Tiddler/DateFormat}}/>





Great! Thank you @EricShulman I’m a novice here, so I appreciate the help. Is there a way for me to keep similar formatting? i.e. the modifier was in red before (based on my theme colors for a link, I’m guessing?).

Ideally for me, the coding would allow {{!!Contributor}} in bold/red as the first text on the subtitle line and if the Project/Event field exists, then display “from the {{!!Project/Event}}” following it in the grayed out text that normally displays there.

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Use something like this:

<$link to={{!!Contributor}}/>
<$list filter="[{!!Project/Event}!match[]]" variable=null>
   from the {{!!Project/Event}}

The $list widget acts as a conditional to determine if the Project/Event exists and has non-blank contents. if it does, then the “from the …” content is displayed. The variable=null syntax prevents the $list widget from changing the value of the currentTiddler variable, so that the reference to {{!!Project/Event}} inside the $list widget still refers to the correct tiddler field.



Thank you so much, I am learning a lot and greatly appreciate the knowledge and skill that can be found here.

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Just for your information TiddlyWiki version 5.2.3 soon to be released allows you to add/remove items to/from the subtitle using the tag $:/tags/ViewTemplate/Subtitle which you can remove from the existing elements and/or add to a new tiddler containing your {{!!Contributor}}

  • So in future you will not need to modify the core tiddler $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/subtitle as in the above instructions.