How to have a dropdown list in tiddler field?

I want to add a field to my tiddlers, content-type. This field can have these values

  1. video
  2. reading material
  3. discussion prompt
  4. practice quiz
  5. quiz

So I want the field to appear as a dropdown list from which I can choose the appropriate option.

Exactly like how we have a dropdown for tiddler type.

Perhaps do as I do, and use a seperate field such as “object-type” and use the cascade mechanism or view template to display the content differently,

  • It is not advisable to use the tiddler “type” field for anything other than its intended use, it is in fact a mime type. Of course you could study the use of additional mime types.
  • I see MP4 is there already but the remaining tiddler types look more like they will be wikitext with different content so type can be empty or TiddlyWiki5
  • otherwise search for “type field” or “mime types” here or in google groups see see previous discussions.

@TW_Tones I want to add a new field. I am definitely not planning on reusing the “type” field.

But what I am looking for is a dropdown similar to “type” field dropdown.

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These two might be of interest to you and the demo


The first link is exactly what I was looking for!

The only thing I think I’m going to look into changing is possibly moving the dropdown arrow to be between the text field and the button, just because having the arrow below the text area is a little bit unappealing.

ATM I can’t figure out how to do so without editting the edittemplate tiddler, I did create a proof of concept that, while a bit jury rigged, works as intended!

@twMat is the creator of that plug in…May be he can give some suggestions.

The thingy is separately located below the other stuff because it is a an edittemplate in order to not modify any core tiddlers. I.e the arrow can be placed where you describe it but that would mean overwriting the core template named $:/core/ui/EditTemplate/fields This might never become a problem but if a future update of TW has an update to that tiddler then the update modifications will not kick in, as you have the tiddler is overwritten.

Anyway, if you still want to insert the arrow there, this would probably work:

In $:/core/ui/EditTemplate/fields, locate the exact location where you want the button. (To do this, I throw in a lot of “aaa”, “bbb”, … etc in different places to see where they appear in viewmode, so to zoom in on the exact area). Once located, insert this macro call there:


…and save that tiddler.

Now open the Fieldvalueselector tiddler and edit:

  • delete the macrocall seen close to bottom of the tiddler
  • delete the whole style block
  • change the tag from $:/tags/EditTemplate into $:/tags/Macro

That is basically it. It may be that the button is not styled correctly, I don’t know. If you need help with that then @twMat me here