How to got image Base64 image use macro

\define Fancybox(links, width:256)
<$list filter="[enlist<__links__>sort[]]" variable="link">
	<a href=<<link>> data-fancybox="gallary">
    <$image source=<<link>> loading="lazy" tooltip=<<link>> width=$width$

This macro just support https link, but if use tiddlywiki imported image, is there a way to got data:image/png;base64, xxxx for link variable

You can use the datauri macro or just get the tiddler text and perform text concatenation with filters to get a data uri.

However, note that the $image widget accepts both URI and tiddler titles. If you pass it the title of an image tiddler, it will work.

See: TiddlyWiki5/image.js at f3ebb258f79fdd03478bd5a27060f9ac4ec8a59d · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub