How to create viewtoolbar button to copy to clipboard as markdown using cdaven's markdown exporter

Given above is a link to markdown export plug in by cdaven. Is it possible to use to create a viewtoolbar button which does a copy to clipboard as markdown function using this markdown export plug in. Any help ?

Any way we can get graphic checkboxes that look better than plain square boxes? Just so unattractive especially on a cell phone so many people are unimpressed with the To Do tasks list or Shopping Lists on tiddly Take a look at this.

Also I did some experiments based on what is shown in the styledcheckbox demo to create a simple task manager. This is just for demo of what can be done.

I think a good approach is to first look at creating an editor preview that displays the converted result, this needs a template, you could then select and copy the result, but then it is a simple matter of creating a button to copy the result of this template to the clipboard.

  • And you get the preview as well.