How to create a settings tab for selecting viewtoolbar buttons in mobile mode

This is the settings tab for selecting viewtoolbar buttons. How can a similar settings tab be created to select viewtoolbar buttons for mobile mode.

Is there any previous implementation for mobile specific use.
I was thinking about something like this - BR Sidebar Tabs Ledger — easily show/hide Sidebar Tabs where there is option to select one or both desktop/mobile mode for each viewtoolbar button.

Others have done this in the past, often on mobile the buttons get placed behind a hamburger menu, so they all go behind and there is not need for an additional toolbar settings.

  • However you can build a new toolbar seetings for use in another case, I have done so in the past, you need to clone and edit the related tiddlers, but it is a little complex.
  • I wanted to build a tool for automaticaly creating new toolbars but saw no justyification for the effort to publish it, and few people ask for it, even although it would be used if it were available.

hmm, It may be possible to detect the width and the hight of the viewport and then switch to a different theme. A theme is like a plugin but does not need to be reloaded if changed.

So the theme could have the toolbar settings. … IMO would be worth some experiments.

The problem I see is, that the settings cannot be saved back to the theme if changed and the switched back manually to a different theme …

If the solution depends on the content of the width and hight tiddlers, could a change in one of these cause it to refresh?

@TW_Tones @pmario something similar can be seen here…TiddlyWiki xp — A chance to experience TiddlyWiki very quickly

I didn’t get time to read the code. Will do it today night.