How to copy (almost) anything to the Clipboard with 5.2.0

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How can you copy almost anything to the clipboard with a simple macro?

Copy the following to a tiddler tagged $:/tags/Macro

\define copy-input(input label class:"tc-btn-invisible" style:"")
<$wikify name=wikified-input text="""$input$""">
<$set name=label value="$label$" emptyValue=<<wikified-input>> >
<$button tooltip="Copy result of $input$ to clipboard" message="tm-copy-to-clipboard" param=<<wikified-input>> class="$class$" style="$style$"><<label>> {{$:/core/images/copy-clipboard}}</$button>

Then use the macro copy-input to use the new

" More Flexible Parsing of Macros"

<<copy-input "<<now YYYY-0MM-0DD>>" "Todays date" class:" " style:"color: red;">> 

<<copy-input "{{!!description}}">>

<<copy-input "<$text text={{!!text}}/>" "Source Text">>


In the macro definition you can see if you provide a label parameter it replaces the result, if you use a class or style to can change the result. Try class=" " (space) for a standard button.

How far can you extend this?

Like if you think its cool, I do!