How to concatenate transclude with string?

I have make the image with “IMG” as suffix.

For example I have a tid named ‘apple’ contains the explaination of apple.

I also have a ‘appleIMG’ tid, just contains the image I want to insert the img into ‘apple’.

With {{{{!!title}}IMG}} but failed. I make a macro failed too…

So how to make it?

Tiddlywiki can’t handle nested transclusions. Try this:

\define transcludeImg() <$transclude tiddler="$(currentTiddler)$IMG" />


Here’s the official tiddlywiki documentation that tackles concatenation with macros:

Hope it works!

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You are missusing the wikitext standards, but remember the short forms usually have a longer form where you can set parameters;

The only exception is the triple braces {{{ filter }}} which you can use once you feel comfortable with filters to produce the parameter you need.

This will work in the apple tiddler.
<$image source={{{ [all[current]addsuffix[IMG]] }}}/>

  • So rather than[img[ use <$image
  • Also rather than {{transcludes}} try <$transclude
  • Rather than <<mymacro try <$macrocall $name=mymacro

See also my consolidated reference which I will update soon with 5.2.0 additions.


Hello Ori,

Go to, and create a new tiddler with the following content:

    tiddler={{{ [[TiddlyWiki Classic]addsuffix[.png]] }}} />

EDIT: oops, I didn’t see the subsequent replies to the original post