How to change font size in tiddler dropdown menu?


How do I change the font size for this tiddler dropdown menu? I poked around in settings and I’m not seeing it.

I already have a custom Stylesheet tiddler where I can change those settings if need be.

Thank you!

  • create a tiddler eg: test-styles tagged: $:/tags/Stylesheet

At tw-com the “computed” font-size is about 20px
So if you set it to 1rem it will go back to the browser default setting which usually is 16px atm.

.tc-tiddler-controls .tc-drop-down {
  font-size: 1rem;

You can also go lower eg: 0.8rem; … and so on.

For more CSS unit details see: CSS values and units - Learn web development | MDN

Have fun!


That’s better! You guys are so awesome! It’s a joy to work with you. Thanks.

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Always nice when something is solved quickly!

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Thanks for the reminder.