How to capture links from Browser tabs using OneTab and other url lists

There is a wonderful Chrome/FireFox addon called “OneTab”.

  • It allows you to quickly close all unpinned tabs, whilst retaining a link to the tabs addresses. In fact it can collect all the sites and pages within those sites you opened in a browser tab
  • The export of URL is in the form url | title

The following solution turns links exported from OneTab and more than likely other sources into usable and pretty links.

  • Go to one tab and select Export URL’s, select and copy to clipboard the links you want in tiddlywiki
  • Create a new tiddler and paste the content into it, name and save
    • You can set the type to text\plain
  • In a another tiddler or the view template use the following;
    • Rename “Link-list” to your tiddler containing the links
<$list filter="[[Link-list]get[text]splitregexp[\n]]" variable=line>
        <a href={{{ [<line>split<divider>first[]] }}} target="_blank"><$text text={{{ [<line>split<divider>last[]] }}}/></a><br>

The resulting list is readable and clickable.

  • Inside this list you could create a button to save the URL/title in any way you wanted eg;
<$button tooltip="create url tiddler">
  <$action-createtiddler $basetitle={{{ [<line>split<divider>last[]] }}} tags="external-link" url={{{ [<line>split<divider>first[]] }}} target="_blank" caption={{{ [<line>split<divider>last[]] }}}/>
  • It could be customised to parse other formats of URL lists.
  • This also demonstrates
    • extracting lines from tiddlers with splitregexp[\n]
    • Making use of the “filtered transclusions” or “triple curly braces”

Thanks Tones. I use OneTab all the time. I’ll take a look at this over the weekend.