How to add font awesome to the title?

I paste <i class="fa fa-car"></i> to the title seems not work.

I find a way to make it that, create a tid first name it “car” For example. Then set the icon field of the tid which I want to change the icon to “car”.

But it is a little complicated, since I need to create another tid first.

It is there a way to render the html or macro in filed value ?

Hi Ori! I have played around with Font-awesome, and the best approach I have found is this one:

Font Awesome 5 Free SVG images (from
Current FA5 version: 5.9.0
No complicated CSS stuff, just the free SVGs converted to tiddlers!

How to use
Just drag’n’drop an image to your wiki, press “Import” and that’s it! You can use it just like default TiddlyWiki images.
Tip: you can use the caption field for more friendly displaying purposes (e.g. in lists) if you don’t like the default title.

NEW! If you want to export multiple images at once you can use the “Batch Export” tab in the sidebar.

Once imported, it would be as simple as translcuding the image-tiddler title that you want:


Great site but do you know how to export them all at once?

I tried to export them but not work

Solved. go to this link, open advanced search filter panel:
type in [tag[$:/tags/Image]tag[Font Awesome 5]search{$:/state/macro/input-search/keyword}sort[caption]] and then export them all

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Well done! That’s how you use Transclusion!