How to add a new Template Body Cascade

There is only “Edit Template Body Cascade” in the doc, but what I hope there be is “Add a new Template Body Cascade”

Maybe doc of Cascade in needs an improvement…

I’m trying to learn how to change the view template body when adding a field (for example se-type in tw-sections

Because I want my plugin change the view template body to a WYSIWYG editor after adding the field wysiwyg

Oh, its at

I end up with two tiddlers:


title: $:/plugins/linonetwo/slate-write/ui/ViewTemplate/body/edit-slate-write

\define lingo-base() $:/language/EditTemplate/Body/

<$edit-slateWrite />

And the filter

title: $:/plugins/linonetwo/slate-write/ui/ViewTemplate/body/edit-slate-write-cascade-filter
tags: $:/tags/ViewTemplateBodyFilter
list-before: $:/config/ViewTemplateBodyFilters/system