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I am chuffed, there was a “Tonian Epoch”

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There ya go! You got history! (and PREhistory!)

Me, I’m a native Silure, which makes me a Silurian and a Cambrian.

But Tonian, that’s cool. Do you have a son called Ian by any chance? :wink:

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No but if I did, perhaps he could have being called Ian.

If your in England where many of the fossils were first found for the epochs there is a good chance you have a “home epoch to call your own” :nerd_face:

England? God forbid… The Silures are SE Wales. You know, Like NSW but older :wink:

Opps, I recently upset a peruvian calling the U.S. “America”,

Should I have said U.K. to be less specific?

I love the french for NSW, “nouvelle galle du sud”, so we are both Gauls?

Both the Welsh and the Gauls are Celtic peoples, thus they are related . The Gauls mostly inhabited regions which today are part of France, while the Welsh still inhabit Wales, a modern-day nation-state. - google

Pays de Galles, in French

Yes, that’s right. Us, the Scots, the Irish, plus, mustn’t leave out the Iberians in Cornwall, now the Cornish, and the Brittany folk… Way, way before the Romans, the Angles, the Danes and the rest showed up. Welsh and Cornish languages are descended from Brythonic.


Lots of this info is (relatively speaking ) “new”, revealed by DNA studies and research.