¿How does TW compare to SAP solutions?

Does anyone have thoughts/insights on the potential of TW to compete with industry giants like SAP?

I just changed jobs and saw at the new workplace that all data is managed by a custom-made software solution developed by SAP.

The frontend is accessible via a URL on a browser, and once logged in, you can interact with data by applying filters, uploading PDFs, and all the usual stuff we are used to doing in our TWikis.

Am I overly optimistic to think that a MWS setup with user authentication is the last milestone that might raise TW developers’ work to the level of commercial SAP solutions?

Probably I just like the idea of a single TW dev battling against big corporations. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like to think by virtue of being a TW user we are all battling against big corporations. I’m curious to see if there is anyone who has developed with SAP how complex the software side of things are. From my experience working at a company while they transitioned to SAP (at least from a hiring HR side) it has the ability to turn the hiring and onboarding process into something which is completely digital.

There was a high amount of validation going on to ensure the forms were completed. TW would also have to validate input data somehow.