How do you add encryption to wikis in TiddlyHost?

How do you add encryption to wikis in Tiddlyhost?

Same way you add it to any other TiddlyWiki:

You can make the encryption button (which looks like a padlock) show up easily by choosing Control Panel > Appearance > Toolbars > Page Toolbar

Look for the padlock icon.

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Wait, does this encrypt the ENTIRE wiki? If so, that’s really cool!

Yes, I thought that’s what you were asking for. There’s also per-tiddler encryption, but that requires a plugin:"Encrypt%20single%20tiddler%20plugin"%20by%20Danielo%20Rodriguez

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Yea, to be honest I didn’t know you could encrypt the whole thing. I was aware of the capability to encrypt individual tiddlers via the plugin you linked. But I would much rather encrypt the whole thing in one go. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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