How can I make a "download empty" button that works in any TiddlyWiki?

I would like to have a field to enter a configurable filter that can exclude all tiddlers of the TW that should not be in the downloaded file - and a button that performs the download.

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this is a good idea - i usually make a filtered “delete all” button and run it on a copy of my wiki to make a “fresh start” copy, but being able to export a fresh version directly would be a lot easier (and less scary :sweat_smile:)

If you look at and follow the code for the download empty button you only need a few tiddlers amongst which is $:/editions/ and within that it defines which tiddlers to include or exclude.

  • you could say they empty version is a subset of any wiki.

It is also posible to generate a wiki and choose what it includes with the innerwiki plugin. Then save the innerwiki. But this is less familular to most users.

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Hi @TW_Tones thanks for showing me that hint.
I made a powerdownload plugin $ _plugins_JJ_download.json (5.8 KB)

where you can choose plugins, configs, themes and single tiddlers to be included.

It is meant to be triggered as a modal.

P.S. Now the json contains is the entire plug-in tiddler, not just the modal…

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@JanJo I am late to comment but I like this idea.

I have long sought to find a way to go to and make some changes, and find away to download those changes, without all the other documentation tiddlers (unless they were changed/edited by me in the current session).

  • Your idea goes someway toward this goal.
  • I could choose if I need to include plugins, configs, themes and my edited tiddlers.

This idea also stands to provide a way for a reviewer to visit a read only wiki, make changes and add comments, then export this to a JSON and send it to the wiki owner, where they can import while reviewing the proposed changes and accept or reject the changes.

  • A slightly tweeked UI for the import process could make this very easy to use and possibly more desirable, in many cases, to multiple editors of the same wiki.
    • Ie if it is easy for other users to submit changes in a batch

You are welcome,
as I understand you would like to have a filter/checkbox to download by modifier?

This is possible with the normal advanced search … but I already coded a dedicated version to be used by users… I fear it is deeply intertwingled with other stuff I made so I will see whether I find a smart way to make a solitaire of this.

Yes, and the trick is to untangle it all. Giving the user some selection will help. If timestamps are on, and the user name is set in most cases we will see that something has changed but how do we deal with plugins and installed tiddlers that came with their own created and modified dates, or no dates at all?

  • Then present them with some options as per your approach.