Hoverflow - A free browser extension for nested browsing of wikis (Including TiddlyWiki)

Hi TiddlyWiki,

I am the dev of Hoverflow, a browser extension for navigating Wikis and Docs with a hover. I recently released an update that enables Hoverflow to work on localhost http domains.

The website is: https://hoverflow.io

Chrome and Edge have the new version, Firefox is pending an update as they move towards manifest V3.

If you find this useful and want to help support the development, there is now a ‘Pro membership’ which brings bespoke site integrations for many wikis, frame pinning & bookmarking, and infinite preview depth. You can read more about Pro here.

I hope this can be of use to the community. I’d be happy to hear feedback and fine tune Hoverflow for the TiddlyWiki use case!

Thank you.


Sounds interesting I’ll have a look!

It is a great tool.

Since TW is fully HTML already it will work.

I guess a use case could be for showing an explicit link to the “tiddler” hoverflowed in TW?