HELP: zombie DRAFT Tiddlers

In recent upgrades to 5.23, .24, i used the #:help restart option to good effect.

  • just today, for some reason, with four tiddlers, two of which are Journals "Draft of ‘2022-12-16 …’ ", the four show up under the Recent Tab, but can’t be opened.

  • they show up under the Open Tab, but are not open in the Story River, Nor is it possible to close an open tiddler from the Open Tab. The Close tiddler option in the View Toolbar is effective. The Edit tiddler option in the View Toolbar closes the tiddler. The “close all” option below the sidebar tags is effective, and refreshes the Story.

  • A complete refresh paints a red warning for each at the bottom of the browser window. Selecting each only eliminates the warning.

  • All other navigation seems to be effective, but the Table of Contents in the Contents tab is not, while from the respective Tiddlers the “>” is effective at all levels.

Thanks for any advice.

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p.s. the good news: i’ve been using interstitial journaling for a week. that’s the one bit of tiddly-mania that’s effective right now

You mean #:safe ? You could delete the zombie tiddlers with the advanced search:

However this is very weird behavior. Could you try doing a backup and upgrading your wiki to the latest update, maybe with the prerelease if the current release introduced bugs?

You should open an issue on github if you think these bugs are introduced by the upgrade: Issues · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

@telumire Thanks. indeed #:safe is the word.

Your advice worked. and, as a learned lesson, collecting in myAdvancedSearches

Next: creating new Journal, +, or a tiddler + creating button:

leaves another zombie Draft.

So, i’ve a apparently working 5-day old timimi backup. I’ll apply this lesson to round up the $:/todolist collection, to import onto that backup.

~ Thanks