[Help] Receiving a JS error whenever trying to use my TW5 on Tiddloid

I don’t know whether or not the dev of tiddloid frequents here, but I figured I’d try here before going to the github page incase someone else has run into this issue before.

Whenever trying to save/open-close a tiddler or do anything that might use JS, I get this error.

I suspect it has something to do with my usage of media query (atleast I think thats what it is called, the thing you put in stylesheets that look like ‘@media…’) in my stylesheets to avoid conflicting css affecting the JD Mobile view plugin, but I can’t tell from what I’ve tried so far.

I’ll attach a link to a tiddlyhost I made hosting it, so anyone interested can tinker with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Edit: I should tack on here that this JS issue has only happened recently even though I had been using media query prior to it saying something is wrong.

It doesn’t seem to be a JS JavaScript message. In the screen shot it says Java in the error text, which is the underlaying element in tiddloid. So I think the GitHub repo would be the right thing to go to

The header info is always created by TW. So it says JavaScript there. But the important part always is the text below

Hmm. Welp, off to Github I go.