Help needed to create a cloze (flashcard type) by combining strex macro by telmiger and macros from anwiki

Here I am trying to create clozes within the tiddler long texts for easy reviewing of important points from my notes.

For this, I am trying to combine the TextStretch macro by @telmiger and macros used in Anwiki.

I was able to add the review buttons from anwiki into the TextStretch macro with some modifications so that review can be made at the same time of revealing the hidden text (cloze).

But I am unable to integrate the parameters like ef, due, repetition which I borrowed from the Anwiki macro into the TextStretch. These parameters need to be updated in the TextStretch macro when we press one of the review buttons. Sticky todo by Stobot and ToDo by JanJo uses a similar approach which I am trying to incorporate without much success yet.

In anwiki, formula and condition plug ins are also being used - which I am not much familiar with.

I am trying my best to crack this. I hope someone else can help me in doing this. I am sure creating clozes within the long form text is an easier way of reviewing the notes rather than creating seperate tiddlers for creating each flashcards. In addition I am using the context menu plug in to make create clozes very easily while reading the text (even in mobile).

Hope to get some useful tips.

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Hi all, I didn’t get time to revisit this project after the above post.

If anyone has got some tips about how to go about it, it would be helpful.

I am not sure if this enough for your exacting requirements but this simple solution transcludes tiddlers (typically buttons) tagged $:/tags/listitem-toolbar then displays a :arrow_forward: which on click shows items tagged $:/tags/listitem-toolbar-more with a :arrow_backward: to close

<$list filter="[tag[$:/tags/listitem-toolbar]]" variable=toolbar-item>
<$transclude tiddler=<<toolbar-item>>/>
<$list filter="[tag[$:/tags/listitem-toolbar-more]limit[1]]" variable=~>
<$set name=popup-state-tiddler value=<<qualify $:/temp/listitem-toolbar-more>> >
<span><$list filter="[<popup-state-tiddler>!text[yes]]" variable=~><$button setTitle=<<popup-state-tiddler>> setTo="yes" class="tc-btn-invisible">▶</$button></$list>
<$list filter="[<popup-state-tiddler>text[yes]]" variable=~>
  <$button setTitle=<<popup-state-tiddler>> setTo="no" class="tc-btn-invisible">◀</$button>
   <$list filter="[tag[$:/tags/listitem-toolbar-more]]" variable=toolbar-item ><$transclude tiddler=<<toolbar-item>>/></$list>in

Of note is that although transcluded any one of the list “toolbar items” may conditionally display, for example no need to have a preview for an empty tiddler. So inside the preview item its wrapped in a list widget with a condition.

I will take a look at your code in the coming days…what I actually want is a way to pass on the parameters to the strex macro (like the sticky todo plug in by stobot and it’s mod by JanJo) on pressing the review buttons.

I guess I will have to wait till I am little more proficient in TW coding. This is not an easy job I think.