[Help] Learning to make multiple columns

So, I’ve been following the development of MCL, and wanted to try my hand at something a bit simpler but effective for my workflow.

basically, I’m trying to make it so that when I have my window a certain width, it will make more columns to fill the space, once a max width of the tiddler is hit.

Now, I’ve seen this done before on other websites, and even got a snippet to play with from W3, but some odd behavior starts to happen whenever I try tinkering with it.

It might just be easier to show rather than tell, but the general gist of it, is it seems to split the tiddler every time a new column is created.

Heres what I mean for anyone curious to see how it looks.

I think the issue is you are applying columns to the section.tc-story-river class, arguably you are getting what you ask for but is it valid when it comes to the user interface?

Perhaps going the way of MCL to manage multiple stories or move the column handling inside the tiddler makes more sense.

Can you describe, even mock up, what you want the result to be, and how does it cope with multiple tiddlers open?

Well, I’d like for it to have a max width a story river can be before another one is added automatically, like what is shown in what I linked above (just, without having to stretch the tiddler) but for me to still be able to collapse tiddlers without the collapsed tiddler having the same height as the tiddler next to it, as I observed happening when using a grid layout.

I think MCL is really cool, but having to manually choose the amount of columns is just something I find a bit tedious after awhile, is all. It’s a niche issue of mine, i’m sure.

EDIT: ignore what I previously added on, I’m not sure what I was trying to describe there :sweat_smile:

And also look at using the vh size

html body.tc-body .tc-tiddler-frame {
	min-height: 90vh !important;

I think it worth raising this with @BurningTreeC in relation to MCL because when you change Ensembles you can change the number of columns. Perhaps a modification to MCL is the shortest path to such a solution?

and perhaps it is not, you want one tiddler across more than one column

Oh, no no I want multiple tiddlers per column, I just want more columns the wider my browser window gets.

A mod to MCL would be much simpler, though last I asked they didn’t seem too sure if it was technically possible. If I might ask though, because I didn’t really figure it out, what are ensembles in MCL? Seems like it’s the column and tiddlers within, like a container for a story river, I think?

EDIT: After giving it some thought, something similar to how JD made a simplified version of his mobile view could be done for something like this, if @BurningTreeC would be willing to make it of course.
I find myself a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of customization and changes made with the current MCL, but that is more of a personal difficulty, not an issue with it at all.
Just food for thought!

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I do see that. But it is not so much of an issue when you “get it”. The main thing is that it not yet as explicit as it maybe should be, is that every column in MCL is a semi-independent “Story River”.


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I would like to get it, i feel like theres a lot of fun to be had with it, though i can’t say i wouldn’t prefer a version that uses only the multiple story rivers, as the extra sidebars and buttons would be more than I’d find comfortable.

maybe thats something that can be made in the future, who knows!

That is quite possible in MCL, and easy.

But your posts here are interesting and useful. They highlight the fact the sheer richness of MCL can be confusing to get your head around.

I think better docs will come.
What we also need are a few “Ensembles” that will illustrate user needs like yours.


cc: @BurningTreeC