HELP: Cannot access Control Panel

Firstly, I have a backup so I can revert back to that if needed, so my world isn’t ending right now. But, I really would like to know what I’ve done wrong or if there’s something simple I don’t know yet that will resolve the issue.

The issue is that I installed the Notebook theme, including the mobile support plugin, and instantly all access to the control panel was lost. I have access to editing posts, but everything else is gone. I cannot save, search for tiddlers, edit css/html tiddlers, everything is gone. What did I do wrong? How can I gain access again?

I’m using Tiddlywiki V5.3.1.

A first attempt may be too drag it from another wiki import and open it form the links in the import.

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That worked. Thank you.

It’s strange that a theme takes those functions away though. However, after thinking it over I believe I can work with this anyway. I’ll make changes to a master copy of my wiki, then make a copy, change the theme to Notebook and upload it to my website. It’s only a couple of extra steps, but it will be worth it as I like the look I’m getting.

Are you not seeing the buttons highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below?


I could see and use the ones shown in the tiddler, but not the highlighted ones or any of the others along the top. I do have a topnav bar so I’m guessing that is overriding the theme.

You can see my website here. This is exactly what I see, except I’ve now hidden the tiddler options too.

Here is your control panel:


There is a way to open the ControlPanel from the browser dev-console

  • You can open the browser dev-panel with F12
  • Select the “Console” tab.
  • Then enter the following code below and “hit” the Enter key
  • If you want to copy/paste the code, there will be a warning.
    • read it and
    • enter “allow pasting” without the quotes – [Enter]
    • Then paste the code below – [Enter]

You can test this code at so you can see how it works.

$ $tw.Tiddler({title: "$:/StoryList", list: "$:/ControlPanel", text:""}));

This code will set the $:/StoryList list-field to the $:ControlPanel.

have fun!

Thank you for all the suggestions. I will bookmark this page for future reference.

I thought about doing this in a bookmarklet that prompts for the tiddler title but it would be trivial to include $:/AdvancedSearch which gives you access to everything?

Here is a bookmarklet tiddler. Open Control Panel and Advanced search.json (1.3 KB) containing the above, I created here in a few seconds.

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