Good Practice to Show a Url

When create links/bookmarks/sources in Tiddlywiki I got used to paste the url address from browser address bar into a tiddler text (body) or field. In many cases this results in an ugly link!
One way is to use a title like [[title|url]] but sometimes it is not possible! for example you like to see the domain through a viewtemplate.

I developed a small macro to show a selected part of url automatically

\define url(address, n:3)
<a href=<<__address__>> target=_blank>
<$text text={{{[<__address__>split[/]first[$n$]join[/]]}}}/>


<<url "">>

<<url "">>

results in

To give a try go to, create a tiddler and paste the above codes.

What do you use and how do you address this problem? Share your thoughts and experiences!

Nice example. Moved it to Tips & Tricks

Nice. One may consider adding e.g three dots (…) to the displayed link so that it is clear that it leads to a subpart.

yes, kind of short url!