Github tips : launch a code editor from

You can launch vscode-web from within GitHub by :

  • Pressing the . key on any repository or pull request.
  • Swapping .com with .dev in the URL.

Quick demo of in action :

github dev

Doc : The web-based editor - GitHub Docs

Since tiddlywiki is using GitHub I thought this might interest the devs that are here.

I think this feature could also ease the process to edit the documentation, since it supports @joshuafontany VSCode addon’s :slight_smile:

Maybe the tiddlywiki doc should mention it ?


There is a similar post at: Tiddlywiki Saving and New VS Code under Web

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There is a post here 7 Steps to Improve the TiddlyWiki Documentation that talks about improving TW docs using TiddlyWiki directly from that page.

As it seems only Saq (the creator), me and a very view others have even tried to use it yet.

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Since we now have addons for CodeMirror that support code highlighting etc, we could potentially add those to the “PR maker” wiki.

Sorry, you’re right ! I did search for a bit before posting but didn’t found that post. Note however that at the time this was not as well integrated to GitHub, you had to go to

I knew about your post but I thought that the PR maker was experimental, if it is ready to be used then yes THAT should be in the doc, it’s so much easier !

I only made a quick test with it but next time I want to contribute to the doc I’ll use that. It would be great if it was made official …

Please do! That’s the only advantage the visual studio web editor has vs the PR maker.
Now that there is a monaco plugin for tiddlywiki, maybe this would be even better than codemirror ?

I may not find the time for a while but if anybody feels so inclined, I would welcome a PR to add the plugins: