Github Saver not pushing saves to GitHub

Keep editing and saving, but last commit on GitHub is 15 days ago.

Why would this behavior change? It was working just fine…

Are your github fields still filled out in the saver configuration?
Is there any possibility your GH token has expired?

Token is set to never expire.
My PAT field was empty, so I re-copied it to the field. It did not make any difference.

I’m using index.html in the root directory so I don’t have anything in path or filename (I tried filling both in, but it just gave me 404 errors). Main branch. Server API is filled in.


UPDATE: Just tested w/ VS Code - stage, commit, push - all updated. So why isn’t this functioning inside TW5?

OK, I’m an idiot - had a hyphen instead of an underscore in my repo name. :man_facepalming:

Also, it seems like I might actually need to specify the index.html filename. Got some other weird errors and delayed responses along the way, but now seems to be working…