Getting does not exist or is missing a file Error

This has happened to me twice trying to create a wiki on node. I will create a wiki using the command tiddlywiki wiki_name --init server then tiddlywiki wiki_name --listen and then all will be good until I tried to run the wiki again. Then I get:
Warning: Wiki folder 'asd_wiki' does not exist or is missing a file Warning: Plugin(s) required for client-server operation are missing. "$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/filesystem", "$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/tiddlyweb"

If I open it in the browser, I get a unformatted mess. I open it in tiddlydesktop, it freezes up. The files are there though. The folder:

This wiki has json tiddlers if that relevant, but they are all properly formatted. file:

    "description": "Basic client-server edition",
    "plugins": [
    "themes": [
    "build": {
        "index": [
        "static": [

Tiddlywiki version: 5.2.5
node version: v14.16.1

Any ideas?

@iteria I don’t use node enough to help solve this from memory. But perhaps testing or telling us what happens between it working the first time, and your attempt to run it again could shed light on your issue.

  • Is it after a full reboot, or after you have terminated the node session?, or something else?
  • What is your Operating system and Tiddlywiki/node versions or where/when did you get them?
  • Is the address in the browser identical on each occasion?
  • I presume you only use the --listen again and are in the correct folder for the files to be found.
    • Perhaps you could share the full commands used by you including the current folder for both init and listen. Use the real wiki names to ensure accuracy.
  • Can you see the named plugins as tiddlers in the file system?
    • “$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/filesystem”, “$:/plugins/tiddlywiki/tiddlyweb”
  • Is this the first wiki defined in the parent folder?

If its all too complicated consider looking a bob.exe at least to get started. Single executable install and run of a multi-wiki multi-user node implementation.

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You can use TidGi desktop app to open nidejs wiki, which will auto attach those two missing plugins described in the warning message.

Hi @iteria welcome to the community, and sorry to hear you’ve run into problems.

Just to check, when you are trying to run the wiki again, are you just executing the tiddlywiki wiki_name --listen command? The --init command only needs to be run once.

Could it be a permissions problem? I don’t see any obvious problems with the wiki folder or the file. The two error messages you see indicate that the wiki folder was not found, or is empty.

It looks like you’re running on Windows?

Hi @iteria

It’s likely your started tiddlywiki somewhere that did not contain the named folder. You could always give an absolute pathname to the wiki folder just to be sure.

If you start a Node.js wiki like this your active directory needs to be in the same as you started the wiki the last time.

If you are somewhere you need to use eg: tiddlywiki d:\path\to\edition\wiki_name --listen

If you did set the TW EDITION environment variable then your the “short form” should work. See:

That was it! I didn’t realize that was a path parameter. It looks like even if you run “tiddlywiki wiki_name --listen” in the same folder as the wiki it doesn’t work. You have to give it a path. Thank you so much for resolving this for me.