First version of plugin for todo.txt tiddlers

The general idea of this plugin is to add a new todo.txt tiddler type to TiddlyWiki so that task lists in the GitHub - todotxt/todo.txt: ‼️ A complete primer on the whys and hows of todo.txt. format can be stored in a wiki.

Link to plugin with example: My TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook

Source code: GitHub - michaeljmcd/todotxt-TW5 at initial

At the moment, it’s fairly simple - the task list is rendered as a simple HTML table the columns of which can be modified through a config tiddler.

Really just posting this for feedback. I’m just starting to use it myself and expect to want bling it out.

To answer the question of “why” (given that a task list is given as an example on the tiddlywiki web site) is that I tend to view my task list as scratch space. I’d prefer long-lived tiddlers to be written for evergreen information in my second brain wiki.


Interesting. I didn’t know this format. Thx for sharing.

The first thing I wanted to do was - Clicking the checkbox … Then I did finish to read your post :wink:

Making the checkbox actually complete a task seems like a good idea. I don’t see any problem on the backend, but I need to figure out how to glue it into tiddlywiki’s lifecycle.

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