Find system macros/procedures like this(

Say you want to find some certain macro or procedure. The problem is that if you search for, say, tab or list-links you may get a lot of undesired results that are not the very macro definitions. And many tiddlers don’t even have a title with the name of the macro.

The trick is to search for tab( and list-links( etc as that string is unique for the definition itself.

(Ha! Gotcha! You were tricked by the headline for this thread, and thought that extra parenthesis was a mistake :wink: )


A reminder for eternal beginners like myself who try this and get 0 results: this tip works wonderfully well as long as you’re using it in Advanced Search.

@twMat Thanks for solving one of my long standing problems with TW!

The Auto Complete plugin has a clever but complex way of finding macro definitions. I have a trigger << that searches the macros, so if I type <<list, it shows me all the macros containing list somewhere in their name.
I’m not up to date on how it handles procedures though.