Final Checks Before Release of v5.3.1

The release of TiddlyWiki v5.3.0 on 1st July has gone relatively smoothly, but there have been a few minor issues that warrant a bug fix release.

TiddlyWiki v5.3.1 is planned to be released over the period 18th to 21st August 2023 . Before then we would appreciate everyones help in testing the new release.

There are also some other new features and bug fixes in this release which are detailed in the release note.

The prerelease is available at:

There are several ways you can help:

Any feedback is welcome here, or on GitHub.

Please wait until the official release before updating your day-to-day wikis, and remember the first rule of TiddlyWiki: to make sure to take (and verify) backups before doing anything risky.

Best wishes


UPDATED release date on 10th August


In tiddler “WidgetMessage: tm-http-request”, the link to the demo for binary request goes to a missing tiddler.

This is because the link is to WidgetMessage: tm-http-request Example - Random Dogs
but the actual demo tiddler is titled WidgetMessage: tm-http-request Example - Random Dog
(i.e., missing the final “s” in “Dogs”)

Either the link or the tiddler title should be changed so that they both match.


Thanks Eric, that’s fixed now. It will take a few minutes for the fix to show up on

I’m so pleased to report that the bug with Export All Tiddlers is fixed!!!


The tiddler SystemTag: $:/tags/Macro links to SystemTag $:/tags/Global which does not exist.
There is a colon missing after “SystemTag”.

SystemTag: $:/tags/Global exists.

Thanks @Hanlon, fixed here

In the first code block in Procedure Definitions a procedure is built with \define. Doesn’t that make it a Macro?

\define my-procedure(param)
This is the procedure text (param=<<param>>)

Thank you @Hanlon fixed here

This is of small importance, but the dog demo has some spacing issues of the loaded images, especially if multiple images are loaded: the images go outside of the tiddler, the titles overlap with images, sometimes there are some unnecessary spaces.

This is the code that likely needs improvement:

<$list filter="[tag[$:/tags/RandomDog]!sort[modified]]">
<$text text=<<currentTiddler>>/>
<div style="width:300px;height:300px;">
<$transclude $tiddler=<<currentTiddler>>/>

Change this line:

<div style="width:300px;height:300px;">

to this:

<div style="width:300px;">

This allows image itself to determine the needed height.

Aspect-ratio: auto may do the trick

<div style="width:300px;aspect-ratio:auto;">

Edit: uups Eric was faster :wink:

Both solutions from @EricShulman and @pmario work well, I have seen no overlapping or redundant whitespace. The height is of course no longer limited to 300px, but it looks good anyway, with all the images displayed one under another at the same width but different heights.

If you need to limit the height, without loosing the aspect ratio you can use overflow: auto. So it will add a scrollbar.

<div style="width:300px;height:300px;overflow:auto;">

Thanks @vilc @EricShulman @pmario – fixed here

FWIW, I just discovered that adding a pseudo-element to edittext widget doesn’t work. This seems to not work in older versions either:

<$edit-text tiddler=foo class=test />

.test::after {
content:"THIS JUST DOESNT APPEAR" !important;
display:block !important;
width:20px !important;
height:20px !important;
background:red !important;

In the inspector tool, it is seen.

Since this isn’t a v5.3.1 problem it would be worth opening a separate thread for it.

The issue here is probably the way that the edit-text widget will in some circumstances create an iframe to contain the text editor. This makes it hard to apply CSS to these editors.

Tag-Picker Macro Tiddler links to the not existing tag-picker Macro Examples.

edit: The tag-pill macro is also missing examples.

This seems to be unrelated to v5.3.1 release, but good it was noticed anyway.

There is a lot of documentation missing or needing improvement. Feel free to add these missing examples yourself, if you are comfortable with basic TW editing and have some spare time!

  • Refer to other existing macro examples on formatting, tagging, and using documentation macros (which make creating examples easier).
  • Saq’s PR Maker (forum thread) makes submitting documentation edits really easy, it doesn’t require any knowledge of GitHub.

@Hanlon Let know if you want to do it yourself.

There is a pending PR at GH Fix and extend tag picker functions by pmario · Pull Request #7548 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub which will also contain example tiddlers.

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I see now that the planned release of 5.3.1 did not happen on 7 Aug as announced but has been re-scheduled to sometime in the 18-21st time frame. Sadly I did not verify that the bug fix 5.3.1 release actually occurred before I attempted to upgrade. Another lesson observed.

Luckily I don’t follow instructions and neither install tiddlywiki globally nor will I use sudo for anything unless I am very confident that there is zero likelihood for a screw up. Plus, I create an archive of my npm local install of tiddlywiki so I can back out an upgrade that doesn’t go as planned. And none of that ever gets pushed to my ‘production’ tiddlywiki on Node.js until I check things out locally first. So it was easy, but frustrating, for me to back out the 5.3.0 with known bugs. My precautions might suggest to the reader that this has happened to me before.

I would be more willing to kick the tires on planned upgrades – cloning the github repo, etc. – if doing so did not threaten to mess up other, npm-dependent, tools including functioning tiddlywiki. Having instructions for tire kickers on how to back out the infrastructure changes - as well as the frequent cautions to back up wiki contents - should things go south might encourage others to do the same.

I am no npm expert by any means, but I do mess around with other npm applications that I am not willing to potentially break to test tiddlywiki. So I’ll just list these resources that lead me to believe I am not wrong about my misgivings and precautions.