Filter Maker and PowerSearch

That is an obsolete URL. Here’s the link to the current version of the completely re-worked TiddlyTools/Search/Filters interface, which includes all the functionality that was previously included in the old “PowerSearch” interface (plus a whole bunch more!)

For the old “PowerSearch” functionality (now called “FilterMaker”), click on the “hammer-and-screwdriver” icon.

To select from a droplist of saved custom filters and pre-defined shadow filters, click on the “Filters” heading. Or, manually enter any custom filter syntax directly into the text input control.

Once a filter syntax has been created, entered or selected, it will show a list of matching tiddler titles, which can then be further filtered by searching selected fields for matching text or a regexp pattern.

There is a heading above the list of tiddlers that shows the number and total size of matching tiddlers. Clicking that heading will show a more detailed summary that includes “last change”, “newest created”, “oldest created”, “smallest” and “largest”.

This list of matching tiddlers can also be sorted by title, size, created date, or modified date in ascending or descending order.

In the top-right of the TiddlyTools/Search/Filters interface, there are “bulk action” buttons that allow you to tag, clone, export or delete the matching tiddler titles




Filter Maker and PowerSearch as described by the author @EricShulman is a unique tool both for basic, intermediate and advanced users. You can learn how a complex filter is written just by selecting from the UI.
I recommend to play with it and learn tips and tricks of making filters, refining results and more…

Hi @EricShulman,

I like your powerful tool :+1: and would add my custom field “published” to see it in result list - like in TOC:

<span style="font-size: 0.75em; color: rgb(144, 238, 144); margin-left: 0.5em"><$view field="published" format="date" template="DD. MMM YYYY"/></span>

How can that be done?
Thanks, Stefan

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I’ve just updated TiddlyTools/Search/Filters so you can now customize the tiddler title output, like this:

  • Create a tiddler named “TiddlyTools/Search/Filters/TitleTemplate” (the name must be exactly this!)
  • In the text field, put your custom output, using <<currentTiddler>> to refer to the title of each tiddler in the search results.

For example, to achieve your desired output:

<$text text=<<currentTiddler>>/>
<span style="font-size: 0.75em; color: rgb(144, 238, 144); margin-left: 0.5em">
<$view field="published" format="date" template="DD. MMM YYYY"/>


  • The template output completely replaces the default tiddler title output, so you need to use <$text text=<<title>>/> to show the actual tiddler title. Note that the search results output automatically encloses each line within a $link widget for the current tiddler, so the $text widget is used to prevent the template output from creating extraneous links in the search results.

You could also write the custom template like this:

<$let tv-wikilinks=no>
{{{ [<currentTiddler>get[published]format:date[DD. MMM YYYY]] }}}@@
  • <$let tv-wikilinks=no> prevents the rendering of extraneous links without needing to use the $text widget
  • I used the @@...@@ wikitext syntax for creating a span with the desired CSS styles
  • Instead of rgb(144, 238, 144) (which is hex #90EE90), I used the X11 color name “lightgreen” (which is web-safe hex color #99FF99) and is very close to your original color.
  • Instead of the $view widget, I used the format:date[...] filter operator to convert the published field to formatted date output.


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Super - very nice!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: