Field value not being replaced in href or src?

How {{!!ipfs}} could be interpreted ?

Recommended approach: use a filtered attribute, see

Alternative option, use a macro:

I thought the answer to that <iframe src="data_from_actual_tiddler_field"> would be easier to achieve…

src={{{ [[]addsuffix{!!ipfs}] }}}

YaOOh !! I would never imagine.

{{{ [ [ ] x {!!} ] }}}

not understood why ‘addsuffix’ is important there.
Thanks for TW exploration and it’s mysterious magic


Now my tiddlers can be as huge as I wish :wink:

When succeed in “Adding a new cryptographic library as TW Plugin” it will be possible to “timestamp & sign tiddlers” so ipfs links updates with same title can be merged between TW.

This one weird trick makes concatenation with filters “easy”.

Note that this can also be written like this:

src={{{ [[]] [{!!ipfs}] +[join[]] }}}