External core TiddlyWikis on Tiddlyhost

You can kick the tires with external core TiddlyWikis on Tiddlyhost now. Here’s how:

  • Go to the create page at Tiddlyhost
  • Select “TiddlyWiki (external core)” and fill out the other fields as per usual
  • Notice it’s 0.9MB instead of 2.2MB. Notice saving is nice and fast.

To use it offline there are two options. Firstly, the “easier, but not really offline” way:

  • From the Tiddlyhost home page, click the actions menu and click Download (as per usual).

That should work, but if you do a view source you’ll notice the core js is still loaded from the internet.

Secondly, the “truly offline” way, which requires an extra step:

  • From the Tiddlyhost home page, click the actions menu and click “Download with local core source”
  • Once that’s done, click the actions menu again and click “Download core js”

Now the downloaded file has a local core js src and should work even when there’s no internet access, provided you keep the core js file in the same directory as the TiddlyWiki file.


FYI this functionality was inspired by the discussion and technical advice on [Discussion] How to reduce the size of your Tiddlywiki . Thanks to those who contributed.

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@simon just as we recently did with the download or clone buttons, there must be a way to craft a button to do a “Download with local core source” from inside the tiddlyhost wiki “a TiddlyWiki (external core)” wiki.

  • I suspect that in a tiddlyhost wiki, just a save wiki will/could do this.

It is great when the features in your tiddlyhost admin are also publishable on the wikis themselves and visa versa. Having them in both places “reduces the resistence”.

“Love your work”

Yeah, I think it’s doable, especially once this change lands in a stable release. Also, I suspect it would be possible to flip between external core and internal core TiddlyWiki formats by modifying the content of $:/config/SaveWikiButton/Template before saving.

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There’s also $:/core/ui/ExportTiddlyWikiCore coming in the next release which can produce and save a core js file directly from TiddlyWiki.