Edit window very small

*Tiddlywiki 5.3.3 (recently upgraded) over nodejs
*Tiddlers upgraded
*Case tested with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, all the same behaviour.

As you can see in the attached image when I open this tiddler for edit, with the preview window activated, the edit window is very small, actually almost not editable.

What is weird is that it happens only on this specific tiddler, others open ok (almost I didn’t check all my 600+ others…).

I launched a new nodejs test tiddlywiki, vanilla (no plugins or customization) and imported the OSX (MacOS) tiddler but this isn’t a fix, I still have this problem.

Any idea?

Thank you.

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tiddlywikihas fixed this problem in the prelease version,

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Oh, great!

So should I wait for the official release of 5.3.4 or is it possible to apply a patch in the interim?

Thank you.

I’m on 5.3.3 and don’t see this problem. Do we know what triggers it?

Personally I have no idea. Perhaps something in the content of this specific tiddler as it seems to be quite rare.

I have the opposite occuring in some of my Wiki I upgraded. Opposite being the preview is too big it move below the edit windows.

  • I wonder if that is addressed with the above fix?

There was a change recently to the layout of the edit/preview which seems to have caused unintended consequences.

@Normand_Duchesne I too would like impactful bug fixes to provide work arounds.

  • perhaps if the fix is in the preview you can use github to find the changed tiddler(s) and drop them on your wiki.
  • make sure you plan to delete them when you upgrade

It would be great if the upgrade process provided a list of changed tiddler so we could review those already overidden by tiddlers.

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It is a style fix, so you can temporarily add similar content to your wiki, such as this

Sorry for my ignorance but how can I add this content to my wiki?

Thank you for your assistance oeyoews.

I can’t see the problem myself, so I can’t confirm the fix. But this is how you would add it to your wiki:

  • Create a new tiddler, name it as you like. Perhaps edit-window-fix. Or give it a system prefix to keep it from casual view
  • Add the tag $:/tags/Stylesheet to this tiddler.
  • (Optional, but often useful) set this tiddler’s type to “Static stylesheet (text/css)”
  • Add the following contents to this tiddler:
    .tc-tiddler-preview {
    	grid-template-columns: repeat(2, minmax(0px, 1fr)) !important;

That should do it. You will probably want to try to remember to delete this when you upgrade to a version that has the fix. It’s not so much that it will be harmful, but it will certainly be unnecessary clutter.

Alternatively, since I tried this myself, you can download this link and drag the result to your wiki:

edit-window-fix.json (236 Bytes)

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Wow! Fantastic! Works like a charm! :grinning:

Thanks a lot Scott!

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