Dropdown list of values from a specific field?

So, continuing the discussion from Keeping track of fields. What are best practises?, specifically-

My aim is to have a dropdown selector that displays all values for the field “tiddler-category” and lists the tiddlers that have the selected field value.

so for example, lets say I have a tiddler titled “John Doe” with the field “tiddler-category” and the corresponding field value of “Profile”.

I would create a tiddler titled “All Tiddlers with Tiddler Categories” that has a dropdown selector that checks all tiddlers with the field “tiddler-category” and uses each field value as an option to select without any duplicated options.

So if I have some tiddlers with a tiddler-category of “Profile” , the dropdown with show “Profile”, and when selected, will display a list of links to each tiddler by title with the field of “tiddler-category” and the value of “Profile.”

I’ve been tinkering with the above quoted text but unfortunately I’m not too sure how to achieve what I’m trying to do with it, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.