Drop any file to create a tiddler with that name in it


I would like to drop any file on my (standalone) TW and create a tiddler with that file name in some field (could be title, doesn’t have to be).
I don’t know how to do this. I do not want to embed those files at all.

Is there a simple way of achieving this?

If you instead copy the filename and use ctrl-V on the wiki it will create an untitled tiddler containing the copied text.

  • If you want to be more advanced I believe you could make an alternative dropzone that does what you ask.

Make a custom dropdown that saves only the source filename/title in a field.

@TW_Tones thanks for your reaction.

ctrl + v is not an option here.

I’ve been tinkering around but don’t understand how that custom dropzone works. Are there any examples that you know of that can point me into the right direction?

I couldn’t find a good example on tiddlywiki.com (or am I missing something here?).

There are solutions for creating tiddlersa that reference an external file such as an image in the _canonical_uri field such as the External Attachments Plugin but this is qualified, but try it anyway.

@trend I have some examples of experiments (see DropHere, ImportHere and DropCanonicalURI at https://sextant.space/ ) with dropzone that I have found useful in my projects. Like @TW_Tones said, their use has caveats (since file:// and http:// having limitations linking to each other) but you might either be able to use them directly or use them to understand dropzone better.


@TW_Tones @mwiktowy
Thank you gentlemen. I will study those resources. If I create something useful with it I will of course share here.

Unfortunately I am not able to drop a file and get a tiddler with that particular file name. So I have given up on this idea.

I did make use of @mwiktowy DropCanonicalURI and adapted it to my needs. So now I can drop any link to create a tiddler with that name in it and appropriately tagged.

I mainly deal with -low volume- pdf files and images. All “wiki attachments” are stored in a dedicated folder in the same directory where the standalone tiddlywiki file resides. Opening up that folder in a browser makes it possible to drop any file link in the wiki.

Good enough for my -simple- purposes.

Thanks again for all the help.

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