Does the mobile shim actually work?

I’m using the mobile shim, but when I use it, it opens the link as well as going into d&d mode. This scrolls the tiddler away, so now there is nowhere to drop it. I can’t seem to get it to only do D&D – it insists on simultaneously opening (and thus navigating) to the target tiddler. It might work, but only under a particular set of circumstances.

Anyone else having problems, or is this just an artifact of my old Android-ish device?


Dear Screenshot 2022-07-20 071325

… I have the same issues on Android 8.0

TBH, there is a gulf between desktop and “smarts” on some kinds of apps I think?


Like why does my file on TiddlyHost have to reload – without warning – when I turn off the bluetooth keyboard? That makes no sense.

So I think I have a work-around for mobile shim, at least for the case where it’s your own list. Wrap the links in the linkcatcher, so it won’t navigate to them. The navigation can be turned on or off in the actions attribute.

<$radio tiddler="$:/temp/caught" field="go-to-link" value="yes"> Link On</$radio>
<$radio tiddler="$:/temp/caught" field="go-to-link" value="no"> Link Off</$radio>

<$linkcatcher to="$:/temp/caught"
<$list filter="[{$:/temp/caught!!go-to-link}match[yes]]">
<$action-navigate $to={{$:/temp/caught}}/>
<<list-tagged-draggable tag:"MyTag" subFilter:"limit[10]">>