Document Management System Startup

Hi everyone,

The company I am working on does use a web interface for managing internal documentation similar to TiddlyWiki (but more rigid and ugly) and for this service it pays 4.000€/year.

The company I work for is just one of many that do use this service, therefore the cake is big enough to consider developing a TiddlyWiki solution and enter in the market to compete for clients.

I am looking for a skilled partner to boost the odds of success.

Main challanges to overcome:

  • Developing the product: It can be done in TiddlyWiki but is not a simple one, expertise and skilled work would be needed.

  • Keeping the product: We shouldn’t provide the oppensource tiddlywiki product to our clients, we do have to find a way to keep milking the cow on yearly fees. ¿Legal barriers, refactoring the code…?

  • Product establishment: Is not easy to convince companies to change a tool they are used to, I do take care of that.

Let me know if this is something you might be interested on,

@LoryMoney have a look out the Market place topic here, for those offering services, including myself @TW_Tones . Depending on your needs @jeremyruston has done a larger scale solution through his business on AWS.