Docker image elasticdog/tiddlywiki on Synology DSM 7.2.1 starts but shows 502

hi guys!

could someone maybe point me to the right direction, I’ve been running it locally for a while and quite happy with TiddlyWiki

pulling my hair trying to make it work on Synology using it’s Container manager, has anyone managed to make it work - what settings have you used?

I’ve pulled latest

Container starts & shows normal logs, short name in hosts file, it seems like requests are being sent to container, and it returns 502 stubbornly - what am I missing :grimacing:

please halp !

PS sorry for monster screenshot - seems like limit of only one file …

Screenshot 2024-03-09 at 10.37.34 pm

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I don’t know Synology, but I know docker.

TCP ports which you forward into a docker container are not able to reach localhost ports (i.e. By default the tiddlywiki server listens only on This will be reachable only by traffic which originates inside the container. However your traffic is coming from outside the container.

Try changing your execution command to /tiddlywiki --listen host=


you’re bloody genius !! thanks mate that was exactly it ! ah man, what a dummy I am