Disable alpha sort order for Palette Manager?

I’m wondering if there is a way to disable the alpha ordering in the PM without over-writing the core.

Much as with stylesheets, there are some significant semantics associated with the way I order my colors.

I think this may also be part of why I find it difficult to “read” the default site palette.

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@JenniferS if by pallet manager you are referring to “editing” a pallet if you look inside the pallet tiddler eg $:/palettes/Vanilla you will find alphanumeric is its natural order, as a dictionary tiddler it tends to be in key order.

You could build an alternate view of the same data tiddler with an alternative order, via operators such as sortby of tagging etc…

Yes. It looks like I am running into this issue:


It sounds like the way elements are placed in a JSON file “naturally” can’t be used programmatically.

Hi, I think you can change the order, since the color-palettes are dictionary tiddlers and not JSON. … But … Most colours have naming schema. … which groups them together. Eg: alert, sidebar, tiddler, tab, … and so on. … Mixing those groups IMO will make the colour list even more complex.

There is a thread about new preview elements in the Palette Manager. I think the new functions can help to make editing of palettes much easier, since users have a relation between the colour name and the actual visual element that they define.

More details can be found at: Palette Manager - Test Version - #13 by pmario

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Are you referring to JSON Tiddlers here?

This is not completely accurate; you can for example parse the text field yourself, using splitregexp[/n] to get each line then split[:] to get the key only.

  • You could also extract these keys into your own list (field) and use drag and droop to reorder it, then it your own pallet view use this list with the sortby operator to list it in your order.
  • Any new items needs to get added to this alternative list but the sortby should place these at the the beginning or end of the list. If you do not add a remove items very often, likely the case with pallets there is no need to build too much sophistication into it.

A key point written between my lines is tiddlywiki permits you to create alternate views of the same data in what ever for they come, starting with alternative indexes.

For more advanced JSON handling look for the JSON mangler tools

Looks like more support for JSON is coming in 5.2.4

Hackability Improvements

Hello JenniferS,

This does not directly answer your concern but it may help.
To find stuff more easily in the color palette editor, I use a tweaked version that:

  • Adds a search box that filter color names based on user input
  • List Stylesheets using this color

Tweaked version attached (warning: it may not be based on the latest official color palette editor)



$__plugins_eskha_delphesNotes_ui_ControlPanel_AlternativePaletteEditor.json (4.2 KB)


@Eskha … That’s a good idea. I’ll try to integrate this info into the new Palette Manager … Only need to find a way to integrate it into the UI

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