Details-Widget + TiddlyTools-FilterGenerator + DynamicTable: How to combine?

Hello @all,

trying to build a ToDo-Manager inside TW, I choosed now . The ToDo-List with a dynamic table inside there also almost fits my needs.

I combined the ToDo-List now also with the details-widget from @telmiger , to be able to show only the overdue tasks or only tasks from tomorrow and so on.

Now I want to put on top of the ToDo-List a search /filter. For 3 purposes:

  • To find tasks by title
  • To filter tasks by tags
  • To find tasks by tags and title

For that I found TiddlyTools/FilterGenerators/Titles, I adjusted it and it works fine for me :slight_smile: .

But I want the first part of it (with the search-field and the checkboxes and the count-result) above the details widget and
the second part (the shown tiddler-result) inside the details-widget.
I tried now the whole day, but successless.
Like this it should look (above the white space with closed details-widget and under the white space with opened details-widget):

And perfectly I could combine the search-/checkbox-filter with the filters in the details widget.
So, if I would check f.e. the checkbox “Düngen”, then in Jetzt, Überfällig, Heute, Morgen, Diese Woche and Zukunftsmusik would be shown only the tasks with the tag “T.Düngen”.

I imported the tiddlers to Tests >Meine ToDos 2, so you can read & experiment with them.
The strange thing, I don’t understand & couldn’t solve ist: In my own wiki the search-field + checkboxes + the given result completely work. But not in the linked wiki. So I wrote 2 different filter for the search-result (Task-Suche): The one above the 4 horizontal lines is the one working in my own wiki, but not on tiddlyhost. The one under the 4 horizontal lines is working on tiddlyhost.

Please… help :kissing_heart:

Thank you all, Noushka
TW 5.3.3, Firefox, Windows 10

I’m not sure I follow all of what’s going on, or what you’re asking.

But as for the discrepancy in Task-Suche, you’ve apparently defined the filter differently in the two versions:

<$wikify name="filter" text="[suffix[ask]tagging[]<<is>>search:title[{{##text}}]sort[]]">


<$wikify name="filter" text="[<<is>>search:title[{{##text}}]sort[]]">

Removing the suffix[ask]tagging[] string at the beginning restores parallel behavior.

I’m pretty convinced that your setup can be streamlined, but don’t have much more time to troubleshoot at the moment.

Hello Springer,

Yes, I wanted that suffix[ask]tagging[], to get only tasks & subtasks, if no search is done and no checkbox checked.
But I got now another idea, to fulfill that- with the checkbox “nix” :wink: .
So this problem is solved now :slight_smile: .

Hoping for an answer for the styling /combining question.

I got it now fully working & with the searching /filtering outside the details widgets
and the results inside the details widgets :slight_smile: .
To see here: Testwiki with Taskfilter + Filtered tasks inside details-widget

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