Describes me almost perfectly

While researching how to best set up my TiddlyWiki I found this little gem. It’s funny how accurately this tiddler describes my current situation in the diagrams headed “Perceived benefits”. I was mildly shocked to see it, but like many aspects of one’s life, seeing it I realized how people are more alike than unique.

I should start chanting a new mantra over the next few weeks while I build up my wiki. Repeat, repeat, repeat: “Don’t overcomplicate. Start your wiki small and for goodness sake, START it.”

The Learning Cliff


TheLearningCliff Brilliant article
Love the cartoon
Very helpful at any time
UI workflow with ADHD self hoisting clarity is an art in itself

I keep struggling to craft a really constructive illustrated essay proposal to improve TW UIX and MAP publishing vs authoring vs reader vs developer vs researcher facets of TW
I get swept out to sea…
I give up
Get swept back up on beach
This summer yet again

TW needs cool serious conference presentations
Rich Hickey (clojure)
Rich Harris (svelte)

What’s the architecture ?
Show us the component design layers
Tell us
— but not just for TWikians

For other people

It a BiG ask…

But look at how well Blender flies now
Look at how yeOldeEmacs had a Renaissance
Or how LaTeX has grown

/// nothing concrete in this post
/// But I’m serious
I think now = 2024 is the year to really address the wider use audience and presentational merits of TW

It lacks a place in schools or fablabs or makerspaces
Why ???.
What will it take?


// in response to this comment:
“copilot while learning a language feels great, but man does it impede remembering the details”

Rich Harris wrote:
“get used to every learning experience feeling like this. wisps of knowledge with nothing to stick to; a waking dream of things you maybe wrote; pleading with black boxes to do the thing the same as before, like the time it somehow worked for a minute”



This mention of black boxes is insightful and resonates with me. As any IT professional and some coding expirence I am used to boxes within boxes, subroutines and abstractions.

Tiddlywiki is really good at this and arguably a skill any one can use to simplify, reuse and handle complex needs. But non programmers do not come with this understanding very often and whilst I would argue any mature adult should develop these skills, many have not.

The question is I suppose, when do we go beyond tiddlywiki to give potential users the skills so they can use tiddlywiki?, when tiddlywiki is possibly the best in class already.

  • should tiddlywiki try and address the deficits in peoples skills, that makes it hard for them benifit from tiddlywiki?
  • perhaps tiddlywiki is something any one could use, but many will not, because they have not paid the cost of entry. The ability to understand systems.